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Keeping information away from curious eyes is a challenging task. For example, you might need to encrypt data before sending it over the Internet. Or you might be storing some information in a database that not even an administrator is allowed to see. This article provides a brief overview of encryption techniques and shows how to do encryption in PowerBuilder. Short History Encryption goes as far back as ancient Egypt. In 1900 B.C. the Egyptians used a derivation of standard hieroglyphics to make a message more difficult to read. The art of hiding messages improved over the centuries. The early Greeks used a combination of wooden sticks and leather ribbon whereas the early Romans used simple substitution (replacing one character by another). In the 16th century, the polyalphabetic substitution was invented. That was followed by the Enigma encryption machine, which t... (more)

internet-Briefing iPad Konferenz

Heute waren wir auf der iPad Konferenz der Erfa-Gruppe Internet-Briefing. Verschiedene Redner präsentierten zu den Themen Entwicklung von Software für mobile Plattformen, Unterschiede der iPhone und iPad Entwicklung (Reto Bösch, iAgentur, im Bild), Geld verdienen mit dem iPad und iPad Business Applikationen. Neben den Präsentationen waren die Diskussionen unter den Teilnehmern wie immer sehr aufschlussreich. Tweets der verschiedenen Teilnehmer sind auf Twitter  unter dem Tag #ipadIB zu finden. Im Anschluss an die Konferenz besuchten wir noch den Apple Store in der Bahnhofstrasse,... (more)

PowerBuilder .NET Web Services with Various Front Ends

Last year I wrote an article in PBDJ describing an ASP.NET project that was done with DataWindow.NET in the browser ("Prognos" Volume 14, Issue 4) and PowerBuilder Web Services in the back end. The front end consisted of an intro page, two data entry pages, and one page with the result. The front end was rewritten in a couple of other technologies to test different ways to create browser-based applications. This article covers solutions that run in different browsers and on different operation systems. I will also look at PowerBuilder 11.2 Webform although it is IE-only. At the ... (more)

Using MS MapPoint in PowerBuilder

Why should you use GIS (Geographic Information System) data in PowerBuilder? You can plan a route for a service technician or a sales person. You can track the positions of the trucks delivering goods and it might allow you to direct a truck to an additional pick up close to its route. You can print driving directions when heading to an unknown place. The following article demonstrates how to use the Microsoft MapPoint control from within PowerBuilder to perform such operations. The MapPoint Control The MapPoint object model contains a lot of objects, but we'll use only a few. Fi... (more)

Drag & Drop DLL enhanced for Ansi and Unicode

The DragDrop DLL used to drop emails from Outlook and Outlook Express get another enhancement uppon request: It's now possible to use it in Unicode and Ansi environments, see the readme for details. You can download it from the Download Section of our website. --> ... (more)